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Bhagwati International Public School, Patan is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and offers the Indian National Curriculum as set out in the CBSE scheme. Teaching takes place in English with the school offering Hindi as Second Language.

We select the faculty carefully to ensure that they have the experience and dedication needed to support every student regardless of his academic level. A number of teachers training programmes are organized to acquaint the teachers with latest teaching technology and methodology. A large variety of tools are used to assess the all round development of students during their sojourn at school as it enables the educators to locate areas that require specific attention and efforts.

Acceleration class is really wonderful concept to bring the low performers to the desired level. Classroom Assessment Summary popularly known as CAS leaves no one behind and ensures learning for all. A clearly planned day allows curriculum time for each subject with teachers providing detailed notes and guidance in the classroom.

John Dewey has quoted, “Since there is no single set of abilities running throughout human nature, there is no single curriculum which all should undergo. Rather, the schools should teach everything that anyone is interested in learning.” So keeping the above word of Mr. Dewey in mind, BIPS curriculum has been uniquely woven with the strands of multiple intelligence, lateral and inventive thinking and differentiated and experiential learning. Our curriculum is learner oriented comprising of all the major components of learning; Academics, Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Sports and Life skills. As per the instructions and guidelines from Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, we have meticulously framed the scholastic and co-scholastic activities, formative and summative assessments and remedial teaching. Based on these assessments and observations the students who need special attention and care are identified and educational programmes are devised in sync with their abilities and strengths. By recognizing, appreciating and evaluating their personal and social qualities, attitudes and interests, we bond with students in motivating them to overcome their inhibitions and realize their true potential.

Education at BIPS extends beyond the four walls of the classrooms to build in students strengths that would stand them in good stead through life. We aim to inculcate in our students values that would help them to be self-reliant in their decisions, adaptable and responsive to changes in the environment, develop the capability of taking calculated challenges, handle complexity, be self-directed, curious learners and sound at reasoning. Our curriculum develops skills of creative and independent thinking engaging children in experiential learning that encourages curiosity, reflection, communication, and application of their learning into life situations.

Realizing the need of individual attention and age appropriate methodology of teaching, as we have learners from 3 to 16 years, BIPS follows the following graded strategy for the multi-dimensional development of the learners under its umbrella:

The Formative Years (Kindergarten)

The initial years that children spend in school go a long way in shaping their attitude towards the school in general and studies in particular. Keeping this fact in mind, we at BIPS lay great stress on providing our younger learners with a conducive, warm, and homely environment. The classrooms are well equipped with a variety of teaching aids. An Activity Centre and Play Park exclusively for them serve as areas for leisure and relaxation for the little ones beyond their colourful classrooms.

The Junior School (Class I-V)

The Junior School is the first step forward for our learners as they enter Class-I. Development of a strong grip of English language forms an integral part of curriculum at this level as we realize the indispensable role of language on learning acquired by the young mind. Plethora of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities ensures development of creativity and sharpening of individual talents.

The Middle School (Class VI to VIII)

When the child enters Class VI, the school helps him make the transition from a protected environment to one where he develops his individuality and personality by exploring the area of learning a bit independently. The children also develop interest in specific subjects as per their aptitude and potential. The subjects are taught by specialist teachers trained specifically for teaching particular subjects.

The Senior School (Class IX to XII)

The Senior School student must prepare for the first major examination of his/her life, the CBSE Board Examinations of Class X and XII. At this level the school will strive to provide a scholarly yet stress-free environment to enable the student to achieve the goals and standards. The teachers at this stage would be recognized experts in their field so that the students can be provided every opportunity to excel at their academics. The senior school children also take the first step into adulthood and need adequate guidance and counseling from all concerned, hence the teachers are encouraged to be their friend, philosopher and guide. The school will offer specialized courses of study in class XI and XII so that the students can be prepared for the careers that they wish to pursue later in life. Students are encouraged to set career goals for themselves ; to hone their learning and study skills as well as their interpersonal and leadership abilities. In the area of career enhancement, students have opportunities to connect with mentors through our Career Counseling and Life-skills Programmes, run by qualified professional teams